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    trading results - personal and members, what not to like?

    5 Unique FormulasPersonalDirectionalMacdV shapeUsers Opinion

    CrowdSignals has 5 unique formulas.
    You have free access to 2 of them.


    You as a member can provide your vote and your professional
    opinion on each asset directional future


    Technical analysis formula takes under consideration of a trend of the market, market trend falling / Market trend rising


    Detects the support and Resistance lines and moderates the opposite results

    V Shape

    V shape strategy formula check the top point the lower point the top point and then provides the opposite out come by learning about previous V shapes that happen in the past

    Users Opinion

    You can use the crowds opinion to your advantage and have inside look of other members decision making process

    Key Points

    Key points about trading with only winning signals


    24 Hours a day

    Signals on demand



    Live community

    Ask each other



    World wide news


    Top technology

    Special trading algorithm

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    About CrowdSignals

    Crowdsignals is a product that was developed since 2012. It took 10 years and only now it is opened to the public. The system is an Artificial intelligence, it's job to learn the market every given second and provide the best outcome.
    It is based on crowd wisdom psychology
    THe system is on United Kingdom Server, and running world wide.
    Web site location:
    United Kingdom, London
    UK International switchboard:
    Tel: +44 (0)1733 59 2227
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